FUSIONFIBER® is our proprietary process and recipe for creating a better thermoplastic composite material that is superior to typical epoxy thermoset composites in a variety of important ways. Best of all, at the end of it's useful life, FUSIONFIBER® can be recycled into another light weight, high performance product.

Power to the Polymer

No matter the requirements, we can develop a FUSIONFIBER® product that will make all of your dreams come true.

Polymers vary across various performance dimensions including cost, temperature, workability, bondability, chemical and water resistance, durability, strength, stiffness and more.

When it comes to structural applications, various fiber types and orientations contribute to performance requirements along side an array of complex polymers.

Our Polymer Performance Diagram illustrates the range of polymers strength and operating tempreature.


The raw FUSIONFIBER® material requires zero refrigeration and has an unlimited shelf life. Unlike typical thermoset epoxy composites, FUSIONFIBER® does not need to be cut from a roll or shaped by hand. Instead, we use a fully automated cutting, layup, and shaping process. This cuts out waste and the potential for human error.

The rapid thermoforming process further reduces production time and energy usage.

FUSIONFIBER® can be finished with in-mold logos, vinyl decals, and powder-coating, which is lighter and more durable than conventional wet coatings.

This process captures harmful carbon dust and VOC emissions. The best part? FUSIONFIBER® is 100% recyclable and will be made into other usable parts.

Manufacturing and shipping from Utah, USA reduces transit time to you and can reduce your companies carbon footprint by about 30%.

The Sweet Spot

FUSIONFIBER® is the ultimate convergence point of light weight and performance.

Normally, improving strength requires adding more material, which increases weight and decreases performance. FUSIONFIBER® swings above it's weight in a variety of important performance targets for the same weight.

FUSIONFIBER® is the best of all worlds. Stronger and more durable, without additional weight.