We’re here to Reinvent the Way the World Makes and Move the World to Zero... 

Through trial and error (and a relentless desire to succeed), we found a truly new way to make. A new way of making, right here in Utah, USA, that puts responsibility and sustainability first. 

During that discovery process, we made a revolutionary high-performance thermoplastic material that blends fibers and complex polymers. Compared to traditional thermoplastics, our material boasts lower porosity and hidden voids, better consolidation and best of all can be made, reclaimed, recycled, reinvented and remade, over and over again. It's truly magic. We call this amazing material FUSIONFIBER®. 

We're proud of what we've done. 

Future Comp’s already making a difference. Our robust team, advanced testing capabilities, automated manufacturing process, and proprietary advanced thermoplastic material, FUSIONFIBER® saves resources, reduces emissions, and keeps metric tons of material out of the landfill. 

We're ecstatic to bring these technologies to the world. 

We can't wait to work with you.