Quality Clauses

General Quality Clauses apply to all purchase orders

QC-A. Certifications of Conformance (C of C) – C of C to all applicable specifications are required with each shipment and shall include the following: a) Supplier’s Identification, b) Date, c) purchase order (PO) number, d) Supplier’s statement of compliance to all specifications performed by the supplier or sub-tier, e) Certifications for all raw materials used (with chemical/physical data), f) Certifications for all special processes (conversion coatings, plating, welding, heat treat, NDT/testing, etc.), g) Certifications for purchased items (hardware, latches, adhesives, etc), h) Name/Title and signature of an appropriate authorizing supplier representative.

QC-B. Requirement Flowdown – The supplier shall flow down to their sub-tier supplier(s) all applicable requirements for work being performed, including this and other applicable Quality Clauses.

QC-C. MSDS/SDS – Material Safety Data Sheet(s)/Safety Data Sheets are required with each shipment, if available. All materials that are volatile, toxic, or emit fumes, which may be harmful to human health, shall be properly contained in accordance with applicable Code of Federal Regulations. The containers will be plainly marked as to contents with appropriate warnings, precautions, instructions, and storage conditions.

QC-D. Right of Access – The supplier shall provide “Right of Access” of its facilities to Future Comp, their customer, and regulatory authorities. Access shall include all facilities and quality records involved in this order. The supplier will be notified if the access is needed.

QC-E. Tooling & Mylar Use – Tooling and/or mylars supplied by Future Comp or customers will not be used in the performance of any other contract or order unless written consent is issued by Future Comp. Contact the Future Comp buyer for disposition of Future Comp supplied tooling/mylars prior to final shipment from your facility.

QC-F. Document Revisions – Unless otherwise specified, all parts lists, drawings, and specifications on the PO are to be completed to the latest revision, this includes internationally recognized standards (i.e., ASTM, MIL-SPEC, etc.). If the PO and any specification or drawing conflict, it is the supplier’s responsibility to notify Future Comp Procurement Department. prior to starting work.

QC-G. Traceability – Product shall be identified with a manufacturer’s date code, serial number, lot number, or equivalent, to ensure traceability to production records and materials.

QC-H. Packaging – Packaging shall conform to all requirements specified on drawings, specifications, and this PO. All material shall be wrapped, bagged, and enclosed in cartons, boxes, or other containers to the extent necessary to provide protection from hazards of contamination and physical damage encountered in general handling, shipping, and storage and in accordance with good commercial practice.

QC-I. Personnel Qualifications - The supplier’s Quality System shall assure all relevant Purchase Order requirements are met and all applicable processes affecting the final quality of the product in the Purchase Order were rendered by qualified personnel. NDT personnel shall be certified IAW NAS410.

QC-J. Nonconforming Product - Supplier shall notify the organization immediately upon discovery of any nonconforming product and obtain organizational approval for any disposition related to nonconforming product. If nonconforming product is detected after delivery or use (product escape), the supplier shall contact Future Comp Quality Assurance Department within 24 hours after detection, Contact – 435-287-4500

QC-K. Quality System Certification – The supplier’s Quality System shall conform to and preferably hold current certification to ISO 9001:2015. Other Quality System certifications may be approved. To request approval for such, submit a copy of the active certification and applicable specifications to the Future Comp Procurement Department for review. Once reviewed and deemed appropriate, the supplier will be contacted as well as added to Future Comp’s approved supplier list (ASL). Future Comp reserves the right to approve or disapprove suppliers based on the requirements set forth within Future Comp’s procurement procedures.

QC-L. Calibration System Compliance - compliance to ISO/IEC 17025, ISO10012-1, AS9100, ANZI Z540.1/.3 (MIL-STD-45662) or equivalent is required.

QC-M. Record Retention/Disposal - As a minimum, all quality records shall be maintained for a period of 10 years and available for review upon request. After the retention period has been maintained, all information considered confidential shall be disposed of in a manner that it cannot be copied, read or re-produced.

QC-N. Personnel Contribution – Future Comp reserves the right to require and request evidence of External Providers ensuring that their personnel are aware of:

- Their contribution to product or service conformity

- Their contribution to product safety

- The importance of ethical behavior

QC-O. Counterfeit Parts – Refer to Future Comp Terms and Conditions

QC-P. Supplier Performance – Future Comp will monitor the performance (e.g. on-time delivery, quality, etc) of the Supplier through statistical analysis and reserves the right to base procurement decisions on the results of these metrics. The target for OTD is 95% within -14 to +7 days of due date and the target for quality is 98%. At the request of the Supplier these results can be made available for review.

The following numbered clauses apply to purchases only if required by PO notes.

QC-01. MRB Authority – Material Review Board (MRB) authority is not delegated. Supplier shall notify Future Comp of any non-conformances and receive disposition prior to shipment. Notification shall be made to the Future Comp Procurement Department. Detailed root cause analysis and corrective actions may be required to be implemented on failures which occur as associated with the item(s) delivered.

QC-02. First Article Inspection – Perform FAI on all dimensional and blueprint characteristics and supply all first article (FA) documentation including itemized FA blueprint. Contractor’s format is acceptable if all requirements are met. Reports shall specify all applicable blueprint notes, PO requirements, and dimensional characteristics along with actual measurements. For FAI lots, supplier shall furnish completed FAI reports (Forms 1, 2, & 3). Non-FAI lots require final report (Form 3) only.

QC-03. Special Processes, Approved Source Required – Processor (contractor and/or subtier) shall have current approvals to perform special processes as required by this PO or applicable specifications. Contact the Future Comp Quality Assurance Department for the list of directed sources.

QC-04. Government Property – All Government furnished property supplied by Future Comp or its customers shall be controlled in accordance with FAR’s 52.245-1. Any discrepancies shall be reported to Future Comp Quality Assurance Department via email. All Government furnished property must be returned to Future Comp with your last shipment.

QC-05. NADCAP Certification – The supplier’s Quality System or applicable special processes shall conform to and hold current certification to NADCAP as detailed in the PO.

QC-06. Digital Product Definition (DPD) – The supplier shall conform to and comply with Quality requirements for control and use of DPD. Contact Future Comp Quality Assurance Department for requirements.

QC-07. Product/Process Changes – The supplier or sub-tier suppliers shall obtain approval from Future Comp Procurement Department for making any changes in product or required processes. All changes must be documented to and approved by Future Comp Procurement Department prior to the start of manufacture.

QC-08. Coating Thickness Evidence – Future Comp suppliers shall provide objective evidence of dry film, paint/topcoat, and thickness requirements to the noted specifications on the PO. Parts containing complex contours, varying surface levels or items that can’t be measured (complex surfaces, etc.) require a coupon or other objective evidence to be processed that is measurable and traceable to the parts being provided.

QC-09. Customer Source Inspection – Source inspection is required on this PO prior to shipment of the product. Notification to Future Comp Quality Assurance Department shall be made to allow sufficient time to plan, schedule and inspect the material prior to shipment. At the time of inspection, the supplier will be responsible for providing all in-process test and inspection data including the results of final inspection.

QC-10. Government Source Inspection (GSI) – GSI is required prior to shipment from your plant. Upon receipt of this order, notify the Government representative who normally services your plant so that the appropriate planning for GSI can be accomplished. All processes that have been subject to witness by Government personnel must show evidence on the certifications supplied to Future Comp.

QC-11. Shelf Life – All shelf-life limited items shall have 80% or more of their shelf life remaining at the time of delivery under this PO. All shelf-life sensitive articles and materials shall be identified with the applicable lot, batch, or date coding numbers, the manufacturing date, date of expiration and storage requirements.