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Future Comp leads the industry in innovative, sustainable manufacturing processes and materials.We want to help you develop new kinds of products. Products that are smarter, stronger, last longer, perform better, and give you the environmental edge that customers and consumers demand.

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Advanced Materials Technology

Future Comp leads the industry in developing advanced thermoplastic composite material through innovative processes and a proprieatry recipe, we call this material technology FUSIONFIBER®. We want to help you develop new kinds of products with the most advanced materials available. The products and parts made with FUSIONFIBER® are designed for performance, durability and reliability. At the end of a product’s lifecycle, we can reclaim that material, reprocess it, reimagine a new design, and remake new high-quality products and parts.makes products that are smarter, stronger, last longer, perform better, and at the bitter end with material reclaimation and recycling, gives you the environmental edge that customers and consumers demand.

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Who We Are

Future Comp is a collective of curious innovators, brilliant designers, and world-class engineers. Our experience ranges from aerospace to automation and nuclear technology to professional auto racing. Our combined knowledge and experience in fiber composites pushes well into the hundreds of years.

Our Story


Make. Reclaim. Reimagine. Remake. Repeat


We’ve created a sustainable manufacturing process from the ground up.We’re committed to zero-waste manufacturing by combining FUSIONFIBER® with our sustainable processes. Future Comp provides an alternative to products made in our disposable world.


We operate with responsibility and accountability for the materials we use, the energy we take and the products we make. The responsible decisions we make enhance Environmental, Social and Governance accountability for and our customers.


We believe that change starts at home. We are extremely committed to sustainable, responsible composites manufacturing. Future Comp recaptures *as much excess FUSIONFIBER® material as we possibly can but there are those few fibers that slip through the cracks, our internal analysis shows that we capture above 99% of our material in the recycling process. The recaptured FUSIONFIBER® material is reprocessed, reimagined into a new design, and remade into new high-quality products and parts.

100% Recyclable

Our proprietary advanced thermoplastic composite, FUSIONFIBER® can be converted to an engineered chop, formed, reformed, and welded multiple times. Our materials are 100% recyclable and are used to create other high-performance parts.

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